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Little PUMA's

The Little PUMA's programme is a revolutionary new way of teaching 4 to 6 year olds, using martial arts as a training platform. It has been designed to stimulate and engage the children, helping them to learn whilst having FUN!


In todays lifestyle children generally spend a lot of time being sedentary - watching television and playing computer games is fine in small amounts, but research has shown that when children exercise it has a significant benefit to their health later in life. Our classes encourage the children to get fit, through races, games and activities. They particularly like to race the instructors - and the children usually win!


The Little PUMA's programme uses the principles of Respect, Discipline, Courtesy and Confidence to teach important life skills through a theme based syllabus. Through these themes we can supplement the teachings of parents and schools to help make the children more focused and aware of their environment. The students and the parents will be able to see the benefits very quickjly, and the improvements will continue to come as the child builds on their experiences.


The themes include:

  • Co-ordination

  • Discipline

  • Focus & Concentration

  • Balance

  • Stranger awareness & Emergency skills

  • Teamwork & Leadership

  • Fitness

  • Memory

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