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What is Taekwon-Do?

Taekwon Do is a spectacular martial art known for its incredible techniques and explosive speed, and if you're looking for a way to develop your speed, fitness and flexibility this is the martial art for you.


Taekwon Do was developed in Korea over thousands of years but came to the form now known across the world in the mid twentieth century. The intention is to use your feet and hands to defend yourself, but it is not just an art of self defence though; it has a broad syllabus that combines the traditional techniques and forms with the "Sport" element. Indeed, a form of Taekwon-Do has been an Olympic sport since the Seoul games in 1988.


At Basingstoke and Reading TKD, we practice a form of Taekwon-Do that incorporates both traditional and modern methods of training. Our classes involve real technique practice, forms (patterns), partner work, padwork and drills and sparring. We place a large focus on being able to perform the techniques in the correct way, maximising the speed and power generated.


Like most more traditional martial arts, Taekwon Do is built upon the principles of respect, courtesy, integrity and discipline. This makes our classes especially popular for children, where we can re-inforce the lessons learnt at home and at school in a structured and focused way. Our Taekwon-Do classes are available for everyone aged over 7 (children aged 4 to 6 can join our Little PUMA's programme).


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